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The key to a successful outcome in any refurbishment is a clear final vision, of the general look and feel of the space and they way it will be used. In this process we work closely with the clients and their chosen consultants, to decide: 

•How the client will use the space. 

•How they would lay out their fixed furniture, ie kitchen and bathrooms, to best use the space. 

•How they will layout their general furniture 

•They feel they want to achieve, ie. Intimate, bright, airy, traditional etc 

•Colour palettes, style ideas


Having looked at the main areas above this sets a good platform either for the clients to choose their own furniture and soft furnishings, or for us to do so on their behalf, or furs to work together. Once we have the furniture layout and interior style, we ca work on a detailed lighting design. 

Hourly consultation @£120 per hour.


Full Service:

  • Mood boards

  • Plans

  • Sample boards

  • Working drawings for bespoke furniture.

  • Project management

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